ESC Company
Engine Safety Company

Talstrasse 88
D-66440 Blieskastel

Phone:                   +49 6842 960 300
Fax Dr. Kuhn:        +49 8005 24562 20181

ESC Engine Safety Co GmbH was established in June 2010 as the only legal successor of Sybille Schaller & Dr. Kuhn GmbH.(Asset deal offical paper) The company successfully acquired the assets of Sybille Schaller & Dr. Kuhn GmbH, with all its property,including the intellectual property rights, products, certificates,trademarks and etc... ESC is the only legal manufacturer of SiCOMS and BeCOMS engine safety monitoring systems.

Certificates from all Classification Societies is now under transfer to ESC company. CCS and GL certificates have already been transferred. Certificate of approval by MAN Diesel for 2-stroke engines has also been transferred.

The goal of the company is the protection of Diesel,Gas and Dual Fuel engines against self-destruction due to lubrication failures and damage or overuse as well as the protection of human life. The company offers highly innovative solutions in this area.

The ESC Engine Safety Company is commited to the development of products for monitoring the conditions of any type of engines used in power generation and as drive device.